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What a lovely sentence from Bugs Bunny, isn’t it?  Nowadays, cartoons are way different from before, but we can take advance from them into our English teaching.  For instance, we can visit Watch AnimeDub website, with tons of cartoons (from their beloved Pokemon to our already known Dragon Ball) in English, and some of them in English so, to practice at home and sometimes at school, this is a useful resource 🙂

Once upon a time…

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…there were three Wise Men who came from a far away land to bring gifts to a little child.  It could be the beggining of a tale (although we all know that it happens tonight) 🙂  Anyway, if you want to use some audiotales (with images and transcripts) in your classroom, check out Children’s Storybook site.

Happy “Grammy” Christmas eveyone!

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I wish you all are having a nice easter 🙂  I’ve been searching some resources to be used when this break is done and I’ve found English Media Lab, a website with interactive gramar games for all levels where you can find activities to review animal vocabulary and some other interesting activities for our students.  The only “cons” I’ve is that they require the use of a keyboard, but I’m confident I’ll find a way to fix it… 🙂

Worksheets made in Andujar

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I really love Orientación Andujar website: they have loads of free worksheets and printable material to work not just in English, but also in Spanish, Catalan, Euskera and some other languages.  In English you can work some topics as:

Get ready to explore this site during this break 🙂



Wov, what a busy days I’ve been suffering (marks, festivals…) O:) Anyway, I’m back.

When I started teaching a “foreign” language to my students, first resource I used were flashcards (mixing them a bit with the “intelligent bits” concept), and I selected a few ones like the following ones:

Lips lovely Flashcard ;)

Those flashcards are available both in .pdf and .jpg format, so you can either print them or use by the IWB to play games with your students while learning vocabulary.  By the way, the url to get them (for free) is ESL Flashcards website

A Christmas carol


I’ve been reading tales and fables to my students, and now that we’re growing closer to Christmas (and if you’re lucky enough to have an IWB), it’s a good idea to use some Flash animated ones, since they tend to include small games that help our students to learn in a better way, and as an example… Raimon Reindeer story is waiting for you 😉

Body parts video


It’s a good idea to teach the body parts using songs and other funny activities, since the students will remember them in a easily way.  I’ve tried using a song, and they’ve enjoyed it, repeated the song and the little dance 🙂  

If you want to check out the resource I used, play it by clicking: 

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